Hi Thomas,

I'm getting on a plane to Minneapolis tonight. If you and anyone else is still free to get together next week for coffee etc, I'd really enjoy it. My week is pretty open. Not sure how best to set this up. I'll have a cell phone there and the phone number is 952-818-2635. I'm happy to meet anywhere (Maple Grove, Minneapolis, St. Paul....you name it). Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to bring one of my film cameras with me....only my Canon G9 P&S (too much other stuff to take south, including 10 lbs. of frozen halibut and Sockeye salmon for my family!).

I'll have access to a computer while I am there so I'll check in Saturday evening or Sunday on this forum.

Hope to see you and other Twin Cities APUG members soon.

Gary Benson
Eagle River, Alaska