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Do you mean Beseler PM2L? I have a Beseler model. I'm a bit thick today but do I understand it right, you are using an Ilford filter set and using each of the filters to find the equivalent filters on the color head?
Yes, sorry, Beseler, not Minolta.

You've got it right, you put the Ilford filter in the enlarger (or simply lay it over the sensor probe), turn off the room and safelights, turn on the enlarger, and "zero" the meter. Then remove the filter, and adjust the dials in the enlarger until your get the same reading as you got with the Ilford filter.

Actually, after all is said and done, I don't really use the chart I made, as I don't really care what "filter" setting I used to make a print. I just use whatever magenta or yellow setting it takes to get a good print.

And while you can do things like speed-match the filter settings like IC racer did, I find I like to use the fastest print time I can get ( I usually print 11x14 or bigger, so shorter exposures are desired). So I simply use yellow or magenta, but never both at the same time.