Hi everyone!,
I recently started to dabble in MF and the famous MF bug is biting hard! To see whether or not I wanted to play in MF, I purchased an inexpensive Rolleicord II; so far it's great, although some of the limitations are starting to bug me. The long and the short of it, though, is that the qualities of the 6x6 negative blow me away.

That said, I have started to look at upgrading to something better, probably after Christmas. At first, I was looking on eBay at Rolleicord Vs, the prices, though, for the good ones are unreal. A 'mint' condition Vb recently went for almost $500USD. Even well worn ones in need of a serious CLA are selling for about $150USD.

In my searches, I ran across the Mamiya C220. It would seem to me that there are some distinct advantages to the C220/C330 but I would like some opinions as to whether or not I'm on the right track.
1. I understand that the C220 only stopped production about 10 years ago, thus, they are still in good condition. Is this true?
2. Although the lens sets are not up to par with those of the later 'cords, they are still quite good. What is popular opinion?
3. The major advantage which I see is that the bodies and lens sets are separate. As such, a well tended body will last 'forever'. If the lens set goes south, you can either have a CLA done (inexpensively) or you can cheaply replace the entire lens set. Obviously, this is not the case with Rolleis, and CLAs are extremely expensive. Anyone out there with experience?

Does anyone have any reflections on my though processes?
Practical experience and opinions?