I've just finished my first book 'Wicklow Photographs'. I have 3,000 copies printed (so there's plenty if you want one) and I did find the production side of it a bit of a nightmare, but its all over now. The actual work, the shooting and the darkroom, was absolutely great. Seeing the whole thing finally come together was very rewarding.
The approach to the work in general was to try and avoid process over subject matter, and keep it simple. The trickiest thing, concerning the photography, to deal with was that through the year my photographic choices diminished with the discontinuation of some of my favourite films, developers, and papers.
All of the work in the book was shot on pentax 645 and 67, and generally with standard lenses. The film stocks used were Velvia, Provia (cross processed), Tri-x, Maco, Rollei Infrared, NPC, NPH, XP2, EPR, and my absolute favourite film 160T (cross processed).
I think I used filtration only once, on a photograph of swans where I used a combination of polarizer and a deep orange filter.
The Lith Prints were made from both colour negatives and black and white negatives, they were printed mainly using hot old brown with agfa fibre based paper. I printed the colour in a hire darkroom in London called Rapideye (great guys), one or two were based fogged but by and large they are straight prints.
The book features 87 images, edited down from over one hundred rolls.
The images can be seen at www.wicklowphotographs.com , though the web does little for the subtleties in the pictures you should get a good 'feel' for the work. I hope you enjoy them (and have an uncontrollable urge to get one for christmas). If you have questions or feedback fire away!

A note for Irish APUGers there are a couple of launches coming up towards the end of November, one in Rathnew and one with an exhibition of around twenty of the prints in Dublin. Wine,Canapés, and hopefully live music. It would be fantastic to have you there.