I have switched to using the incident meter with the BTZS Power Dial, a poor mans computer. The View Camera Store also has what they refer to as BTZS Lite which is kind of a crash course that excludes a lot of the testing of the BTZS and explains the metering tech. and explains why it works. As soon as it soaked in how it worked my negatives started coming out much better than with the traditional zone system and spot meter. I still carry the spot meter and use for a few situations but about 90% of the time I use the incident meter with success. As Helen mentioned, you have to be careful not to meter too deep in the shadows, but that is explained in BTZS Lite. My negatives are exposed and developed for Palladium printing and now my print exposure times are around 4 to 8 minutes instead of some reaching 15 minutes or more.