The Lefkowitz book is available from many internet used booksellers. I bought two of them earlier this year for very little. One was given as a gift to a student and one I kept as a back-up.

I used a reversed Switar years ago before I got micro lenses. I have a 120/6.3 Macro Nikkor from the Multiphot system and the 12.5/2 and 25/2.5 Minolta bellows lenses from the Auto Bellows III system. Over the years I have used many enlarging lenses, both front forward and reversed, on bellows for macro work. The Minolta Auto Bellows III has some movements so the 60/4 Bogen Wide Angle enlarging lens works well with its extra coverage. The 40/3.5 Bogen Wide Angle enlarging lens, reversed, also works well. For coins and stamps I have had luck with an older version of the 80/5.6 EL Nikkor. Even enlarging lenses like the 40mm EL Nikkor cost very little today so I would prefer them to cine lenses unless I needed much more magnification.

I have Auto Rings for both Konica and Canon systems. If you don't need too much working distance then you can reverse a 28mm or 24mm lens and use an Auto Ring to get semi-automatic diaphragm control. With a flash or two hooked up this is a great rig for chasing moving insects.