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Since the topic is RA-4 101 anyone care to jot down the basic steps for one of the room temp chems using tray processing and the basic things needed (dev & bleach/fix) so I can go shopping!
The major problem with RA-4 in trays is the sensitivity to light. All the literature indicates "must be processed in complete darkness" ... a problem with tray development. I have the JOBO "Maxilux" LED safelight; there is a setting for "Color" - but using a rotary processor, I haven't tried it.

The steps ... I print RA-4 color all the time, so I'll have to think about this for once ... here goes:

Get a chemistry kit ... I'd recommend JOBO / Tetenal's room temperature RA-4 kit - and a decent thermometer. Check the information in the kit to figure processing times.
"Standard" temperature is 35 degrees C (95F) - these are the times for the Tetenal RA-4 Professional Pak kit at that temperature... the "steps" are the same for room temperature processing:

1. Expose the print.
2. Normally, there would be a dry pre-heat - a minute or two to bring the print to processing temperature. Wouldn't be necessary at room temperature - its already there.
3. Develop - One minute (remember this is for 35C).
4. Shortstop (only time I use shortstop - really necessary in color printing) - 30 seconds.
5. Bleach-Fix - one minute.
6. Wash - same as any RC print .... five minutes or so.
7. Air dry.

Processing isn't complicated or difficult - actually pretty boring. Exposure - getting the color balance the way you want it - is.

I *LOVE* my ColorStar 3000.