Another lith-er here! I switched almost exclusively to lith printing earlier this year when I did a lith printing workshop in Ireland. My only disappointment was that I hadn't started earlier! It was also something new to the photography instructor at my darkroom, and I think he's experimenting with it as well since he's seen what I've done with it. At the time I was living in France so it was quite easy for me to get a hold of Wolfgang Moersch's lith developers; as a result that's all I've ever used. I usually overexpose by 3-6 stops and develop at high dilutions with hot lith developers. Luckily I brought a good stash of that chemistry with me back to Canada, although I'm sure other lith developers would give me more than acceptable results. My favorite papers have got to be the Foma papers (esp. 132 and 542) but I managed to find some Forte Polywarmtone hiding in a French shop online so I have three boxes of the stuff waiting in my freezer for something worthy to print on it.

Unfortunately I'm in the early stages of putting together a darkroom so I haven't printed since I left France in late June. And since I'll be moving for the third time in almost four months I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to those slightly weird smelling lith developers! ;-)

Check out the technical gallery here at APUG as well -- Wolfgang (and others) often uploads lith print comparisons to that gallery which will give you real inspiration.