good point you raise William... everyone probably has little tricks that others could use but they are rarely communicated, usually only if someone asks a direct question. At our camera club's B&W interest group we have practical sessions and I usually pick up a trick or two during the night from discussion with others or seeing someone do something. For example, I'd been given one of those Kodak exposure circles (lay it on the paper and make a pie test strip print) but had decided it was useless because the directions for use say 'expose for 1 minute' My usual enlargement times are more like 10-15secs but I'd never made the quantum leap to figure out that you could use a shorter time (say 30secs) and just halve (or whatever ratio you used) the times shown... saw that one night... Still don't use the thing but I'd pass that hint onto someone else now if it seemed appropiate.

For your print inspection lighting Q, I have a bare globe over my wash area (on a pull string switch) and have currently got a 40W clear globe in it, but I need something stronger as I tend to turn the room lights on (two 100w clear globes) to check prints.

For recording printing details, I use a MS Access Database which I print a report (see attached) and place back-to-back with the proof sheet in the neg folder. (not that this one has any printing details recorded yet!&#33