I bought my C220 new in 1977 and though it has been "resting" in recent years due to circumstance changes I used it a lot through for the first 15 years and was extremely pleased with it. I have also used various Rollei TLR's (Va, 3.5E, MagicII) and personally I think the Mamiya lenses are equally good. Plus unlike the Cord & some others the standard Mamiya 80mm lens is f2.8. The wide-angle 55mm lens set is also extremely useful.

As others have said it is more bulky than other TLR's but I often used it handheld outdoors and found the weight made it quite easy to hold steady. (I always used it with the Mamiya handgrip). It can easily take 220 film (just flick a switch & move the film pressure plate) and the bellows allows incredible close-ups. In fact I did sometimes use it on a copy stand though it is not the ideal camera for that.

There were one or two later C220 models (think they were C220f & C220s from memory) but the differences are minor. The C330 cameras are slightly more sophisticated and a bit heavier but the 220 range are fine.

Because the Mamiya's & earlier varients (C3, C33, C2, C22 etc) were in production for decades there are shoals around and lots of accessories even spot metering prisms and lens sets up to 250mm. Also they take 46mm filters which are easier to find and cheaper than bayonet ones.