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Hi All,

I'm thinking of swapping my Leica M6 for a Mamiya 7. The obvoius gain is in negative real estate but what are the downsides? Has anyone made the switch? How did it go for you? My main use for the M6 is my everyday carry camera to shoot whatever may come, sort of my notebook of my life. It takes me about a month to go through a 24 exp roll of 135.

I pretty much only shoot with a 35 on my M so I was going to go with the 65mm lens and add the 150 in case I need something to get in close.

I'd appreciate any insight anyone can give.

Take care,



I would encourage you to use and enjoy your camera more, whether it is the one you have or the one you are thinking about. To have so much invested in such a beautiful camera that you use to shoot your "Life" says, enjoy your life more. Make more things happen in your life or record more of the things that are happening, but not put on film.

It takes me an hour on average to make my first 7x17 image, but I am shooting more than 24 a month, and enjoying it immensely.

John Powers