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LOL! That's my job day in and day out!!! The stories I could tell, right Justin! I do work in a one hour photo lab and sometimes I just shake my head. I just hate it when I get all these redos because the colour doesn't match their original prints that the customer did not provide. I guess I'm supposed to read their mind on what the colour is supposed to be. I love it when they say,"It's not the right colour!" and I say "What colour do you want it to be. Blue, green, yellow or pink?"
Pick a colour, any colour.
There was also my "Noritsu Crazy Glue Repair". We had a paper jam repeatedly occur in the same area of the Noritsu printer due to one part of an elevator-type part not staying level during its travel up and down. While trying to figure out what was causing the lopsidedness I pushed the rack in a little too hard in the wrong place and break a plastic bit off the 'elevator'. I call Noritsu tech support to describe the issue, and it turns out the 'elevator' bit needs to be replaced anyways but that plastic bit is actually quite important. We have print orders piling up and need to get the printer working ASAP so the Noritsu tech says that until they can get a repair technician out with the part in a day or two I should just try crazy gluing the plastic bit back on. A quick run to the hardware aisle, come back to glue the piece in place then give it 30min to make sure the glue sets. It works! Lord only knows how expensive the machine is, but it is now working (at least temporarily, and temperamentally) thanks to a bit of crazy glue.

One time I was filling in for someone at the order counter and a lady comes in to pick up her order. We use phone numbers to search because there tend to be fewer mix-ups than when using names so I ask the lady for hers. I search the phone number and it brings up an account under the name of "Wong", or a similar name. The lady is middle aged and has the appearance of an archetypal WASP so I say, "I'm sorry ma'am, can you please repeat your phone number? I don't think Wong is the right name!" With a very stern face she replies, "No, that's correct." I felt like I just about died of embarrassment and am sure that my face was bright red! Definitely learned a few things about assumptions right then and there.

One positive anecdote was the time when a fellow brought in a portrait of his sister looking for advice on matting and framing. It was a very unusual portrait, full body with a low camera position looking up at her face. Beautifully lit and printed, too. Considering that it was signed something to the effect of, "Karsh, Ottawa" we suggested that he go to one of the local art framing shops, rather than a drug store!