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My Leica IIIc, which by chance I have used to shoot most of my favorite 35mm photos over the years, needs work. Shots show a blown out line running vertically through the frame, indicating that the second curtain does not close all the way. They also show horizontal streaks from the above-mentioned vertical line to the edge of the frame, indicating that the gap remains when advancing the film.

I took it in to Steve's Camera in Culver City, CA, which is the normal repair shop on which I have settled. He is reputed to have a lot of knowledge on these cameras.

Steve checked out the camera and gave me an estimate. The camera needs a CLA and new shutter curtains. The parts are $150. Labor is $235. Additionally, a CLA on my Summitar would be $125 labor. The lens service is not absolutely needed, but it does have a relatively big hair in it and the aperture ring is a bit stiff, especially in cool weather.
You will not want to send your camera to England, but I have 12 Leicas (equal numbers of screw-thread rangefinder, M rangefinder and R), most of which have been serviced by Newton Ellis & Co. of Liverpool, and every time a CLA without parts but sometimes with reconditioning of shutter curtains has cost me around 125 ($200 at the present exchange rate). Cost of rangefinder overhaul, with resilvering, about the same if necessary. Leicas are cheap in the same way that Mercedes autos are, purchase prices and servicing are expensive, but the products last a long time, so the operating cost per year is quite reasonable. Other APUG threads in the past have noted that people who service Leicas cheaper than above tend to cut corners by flushing mechanisms without dismantling, etc. Lens cleaning in particular is highly cost-effective, once mold starts, it can really spread fast if left untreated.