I started MF with a Rolliecord ll about 30 years ago moving to a Mamiya C33 and a C3 with the standard 80mm lens and a 55mm lens which were superb, lovely cameras to use and optically excellent.

If you can find a C33 or C330 they are very much better (ease of use only) than the C220's. The additional lenses aren't over heavy and the abilty to change lenses is a major advantage compared to the Rolloecord or Rollieflex. I only switched to Mamiya 645's after my TLR's were stolen.

There are far more C330 about than C220 and they don't really fetch what they are worth secondhand.

Now I inherited a mint late 50's Rolliecord which has only ever had 5 films through it, owner used his Yashica 6x6 instead, has the preferred sharper Schnieder lenses. When I get it serviced - the lubrication has dried hard - I will use it but it is really a cult camera in my hands.