The chain drive on our rack and tank Pako film processor was jamming and we found that the jam was at the top of the overhead traverse about 10 feet above the floor. So, I had to climb up on the machine to unjam and oil it. While up there, I stepped on the lower chain which was quite well oiled, thank you! The machine had a 120 gallon 4 x 5 ft wash tank directly below that spot. I fell. Of course, I went into the wash tank feet first up to my chest.

Another time, the boss told me that the run was 6 rolls short, which is exactly the capacity of one rack. So, I went into the darkroom, thinking the run was finished, checked the chain drive for hung racks and not finding one, I turned on the lights. Turns out I hung the film and got distracted and never moved the rack onto the chain drive at all. Of course there were no hung racks if I never hung it in the first place! There were 6 dry (now fogged) rolls haging in front of the developing tank.