This may be of no help whatsoever, but... i've been doing a lot of research on the Horizon 202 as i'm thinking of getting one, and found this on a website that doesn't seem to be up anymore.

Q: My Horizon will not load film - The sprocket holes rip - I get funny looking vertical lines in my images. What's wrong with the camera?

A: Nothing. You are loading it incorrectly. Believe me, these cameras load like no other camera on the planet. If you do not do it exactly correct, then you are domed to failure. There is a diagram on the inside cover for you to follow. You MUST thread the film UNDER all rollers; the first big rubber one, the sprocket one, and the take up spool. It is impeditive that you remove all the slack from the film prior to closing the back. After inserting the film end in the take up roll, push in the release button on the bottom, hold the take up reel with your thumb, and use the rewind crank to wind the slack back into the film cassette. Failure to follow this procedure will dome you to strange looking vertical bands in the image if you are lucky, or complete camera jam and ripped film if you are not. NEVER force the mechanism! If the camera jams, then you must rewind the film back into the cassette. If it will not rewind, then most likely the film is wound around the sprocket reel. You will need to open the back to cut out the film. :-(