I use the SE5 from Wolfgang Moersch with ADOX Fineprint Classic (I think this is a paper produced by efke), Kentmere Kentona and Fomatone MG. With the forst two papers lith printing can be a bit of an adventure but the Foma paper liths very well in nearly every setup and dilution of SE5.
Whenever I print with Kentona or an other paper, at the end of the session it is time to try at least one sheet of Fomatone, just out of curiosity.

Before I started with lith printing I was also a bit reserved, two bottles of developer and two additives, find out the right amount of light for the dilution and then again find out the right dilution for the contrast on your negative - so easy to make something wrong. But it is as often in life. You just have to jump into the cold water and then you get warm while swimming.

-- Ruediger