thanks guys! couple of further questions...

short stop.. just water or something else?

Paper, I've checked my likely suppliers website and they have Kodak Supra, Ilford Cpm-1m, Fuji CA70 and Agfa Signum listed under colour papers. Are any better than the others? I want realistic colours if that means anything.

Chemicals wise they have Paterson Printmaster in little bottles or the Tentanal in biggish (expensive) ones. For an initial trial I might go for the Paterson unless it's rubbish? (although is seems ok from other posts here)

I have a Colorstar 2000 although I imagine I'll have to learn to use it on the fly.

more trays!!! actuallyl I have some 10x12 trays I hardly use so could dedicate a couple of them. Probably shouldn't be investigating this, I need another project like a hole in the head!