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Sometimes one gets lucky...we brought some Aussie dollars over to the States earlier in the year when an Aussie dollar was at a high of 86 US cents. It helped to buy a little bigger house (the old one was getting tight with three 11-year olds!). Now an Aussie dollar is only worth 52 US cents. Quite a difference.
Only 3 months ago the Aussie dollar was near parity with the US greenback at 98c and I was spending wildly in places like REI Seattle and amazon.com . Now look at the blasted thing!! You won't get that lucky now with the AUD, which has plunged to 0.60c and still falling. Downunder, overseas trips are being cancelled en masse, travel agents are folding and I am told, digital camera sales have slowed in the last 3 months, which is before this "global recession" thingy. I'm wondering if a recession means cheaper second hand camera gear...?