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A friend recently got his IIIc back from oil can Ye and found the clutch had been greased. This part isn't supposed to be lubed..

I'll never do business with him again..

Same here. Seen a Leica M3 'fixed' by Mr Ye. Its shutter jammed about 3 weeks after the camera returned. Sending it back wasn't a feasible option since the cost of sending the M3 from and to, and back again, the Philippines was quite high. Mr Ye even took - and did not even offset its cost against the total charge- a large strip of shutter curtain material which the M3's owner sent along with the camera as possible replacement for the old curtains.

Mr Ye said that the curtains were not suitable since they were for the III series Leicas. The strip was good to make perhaps three or four complete shutters. They're probably going or are already in the Barnack types he's serviced, and charged for it.

As for the M3, the owner decided to send it to a good Leica repair shop in Hongkong (much closer to Manila) instead.