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OK, I'll bite..it sounds from reading Donald and Jorge and others comments that after the intial testing that your exposures become easier and the negatives are easier to print. Is this correct? Now, all the software, curves, and desnitometers are they really needed or is there a 'poor' mans version?

There is a poor man's version, mainly graph paper and french curves, but the ExpoDev is really handy, not only does it do everything for you, it gives you a record at the end with all the information. The plotter allows you to do many more things than just make curves, if you have the data, you can compare different films and how they will print on a certain grade of paper, you can compare the curves for two different films (Phil has done a lot of testing and he includes all his data in the software) hell you can just load his curves in the exposdev, adjust them a little and not even have to do the testing yourself. I recently lost all my files, so I just uploaded his data for TMY and HC110 and got perfect negatives, just for that the price is worth it for me.

Of course, one needs to know how to do all that the expodev does like bellows compensation, filter factors etc. But hey, the older I get the dummer I get, I am glad to have a gizmo to help me out...