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A local lab closed a few years ago when the owner retired. He never went digital. The lab processed 35mm and MF film in house, and created beautiful color prints on their own equipment. Now the equipment sits in storage.

Is there any market for used film-era pro processing equipment?

I'm not sure of the exact models, but they are a Colenta Colex C-41 film processor and accompanying printer which does up to 20x24.

There may be a market, but you will not get more ten 5-10% of the original value, I purchased Colenta RA-4 processor for 500.00 and it was 5 years old a few months ago, the original invoice with it, I think the value was 13000.00. I see the C41 processors go on ebay for .99cents. There would be more of market for a paper processor then large c41 processor I believe.

As far as Epson and HP printer mention, I still like the feel and look of a traditional print. I believe the RA-4 process is less expensive then Ink Jet also, especially if your doing a large number or prints.