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Mike, if you run out of film, do you buy more and then run out of wine? This is sort of like chocolate sauce and ice cream.

"Opps, I ran out of ice cream and have too much chocolate sauce left in the bowl, so I added ice cream. Now, I've run out of sauce for the ice cream so I'll have to add more and, oops, I'm out of ice cream again so...."

Still want to see the Efke 25 and 25 red filter prints when you get them done. I'm wondering if the filter is the hot tip for cutting down contrast for better control with this flashy beast of a film.

1) I NEVER run out of wine.
2) There is no such thing as "too much chocolate sauce". Just slurp what's left in the bowl then go get a refill of BOTH ice cream and choco sauce. Yes, you can have it all.

Here are some digital pictures of some of the EFKE 25 negatives developed in Rodinal. They are blurry, sorry, but they do show the contrast of the negs. My densitometer reads a DR of exactly 1.35, which sounds good for Azo. I'm looking forward to printing them. Some lack of local contrast in the foreground of the shots in the hills, but maybe some bleach can help that out.

I'll develop the TMAX 100 negatives next and post some pics of them, too.

For both, I gave a +3 stop exposure for the Red #25 filter.