Hi Everyone.

Thought I should introduce myself. The name is Terry. I have been taking photographs for a while now, mostly 35mm. Took the plunge last week by buying my first large format camera. A beautiful Zone VI with a 80mm and 210mm lens. All I have to do now is learn how to use the thing. Can't wait.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about developing. I'm so pleased that there is still a large community of traditional photographers out there. I have already come across a few like minded people. Trying over the last week to get more information and products in New Zealand has proved mighty challenging. All the stores want to do is convince you that digital is better, and its an uphill struggle with large format. I don't care. From what I have seen, the rewards speak for themselves.
Right. All I need now is film, film tent, developing equipment, dark cloth, and a darkroom.