We have a local (Cleveland, OH) Amish printing equipment salvage company. 2-3 years ago four of us bought six light tables. I bought a B. Bacher (German) Control Litho metal light table model 1669 that has a 25” x 49” viewing area. Illumination is by three tubes through frosted glass. I haven’t had to take it apart to see what the tubes are. The table will raise or lower or tilt from flat to vertical, lockable at any point. I paid either $30 or $35, can’t remember. It can compare up to six 7x17 negatives at a time.

Try to find a salvage yard that carries printing equipment. This one tries to sell specialty items to individuals, but most is turned into scrap metal and shipped to India. That makes me sick and I have already bought five pieces from them. They have been so appreciative that they have given me all the envelopes I will use for life. My wife teaches First Grade. She says the art paper they have given us will probably last, 18 six year olds, two years.

John Powers