hi alex

for a little while i was having fun shooting
8mm, not super 8 .. if you go the double run
( shoot it one way, then the 2nd side and when i gets processed
they slit the 16mm film down the middle and splice it together )
prepfilm sells ( or used to sell ) the film. if you shoot color, and have
a walmart or sams club near you, it is cheep as dirt to have it processed.
it is a ton of fun shooting moving pictures, instead of stills, but
i had the hardest time remembering to treat the film like CHROME film,
instead of negative film. needlesstosay, i shot a lot of over or underexposed
maybe you won't have that trouble, since you shoot a lot of polaroid
i agree with ic-racer, the bolex cameras are pretty amazing!
and you can get a bh8 (or an h8 /h8 rex!) for not too much money, and d (or is it c) mount
lenses are not too expensive either

a couple more links

martin baumgarten is another person
who processes film + fun stuff like that ... his website seems like it is down
but i think he is still around in plattsburgh photo services ...

good luck!