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Oof... Not arguing that you should set up a cine forum (I agree there are other places) but the idea that it's a 'hybrid' topic seems nuts. When I do get down to using my Nizo properly it'll be film, developed chemically, hopefully by me, edited with a knife and tape, to be viewed using a projector against a wall.

Much like the rest of my E6 shooting.

What's hybrid about that?!
I agree that Super-8 can be 100% analog, and I'm doing it that way so far, but if you look at the other forums that discuss Super-8, you'll see that the main reason that people are taking up Super-8 at all is because of the possibilities of combining the look of film with the convenience of digital editing and digital sound sync. Particularly with the new Vision 2 color neg stocks, it's just too expensive for many independent film makers to shoot color neg, print dailies, edit the dailies using equipment they'll probably have to rent, sync them with the neg, and edit the neg for the final print, and for some formats, like Pro8 widescreen, which is a modified Super-8 format, I don't know that its even possible to go from neg to print without Telecine in between. Of course one can shoot reversal film, and that's what I've been shooting, but it's considered something of a beginner's medium, in part because you can't keep the film clean if you're always editing and projecting the original, and also because neg has more latitude as we all know.

We could try to have an all analogue cine forum, but I think it's just going to take too much policing to keep it that way, because as soon as the question is opened, and new participants join the forum, the big questions are about the interaction between film and digital. On the other hand, there's no resistance to all analogue film making on forums like filmshooting.com or to questions about film processing, splicing and projection, so it's probably best to leave the better part of this discussion to the forums where it's already going well.