I am of the fill and dump school, but with plenty of agitation.

For film I do all the washing in the closed developing tank. The procedure is

1) Water: 30 seconds continuous agitation
2) KHCA: 5 minutes, ten seconds agitation on the minute, I use KHCA to get the purple dye out of the film
3) Water: 30 seconds continuous agitation
4) 3x water: 5 minutes, tens seconds agitation on the minute, this part gets done when cleaning up the darkroom etc. so timing is variable
5) PhotoFlow 1:10 w/ alcohol for stock, then 1:20 w/ distilled water: 30 seconds continuous

Tests in residual fixer test show no color. I don't test as a matter of course after confirming
the procedure works.

Six changes of water in total.

Procedure is the same with sheet film in a Jobo drum/motor base but the agitation is continuous.

I use a similar procedure for prints if I am only washing a few: Large trays, shuffle agitation, longer times.
I use warmish water, 75F or so.

For washing a lot of prints I use a tray siphon and a huge deep tray.

I always check each batch of prints with residual hypo test. I keep a test print or two and run them through the wash with the others just for destructive testing.