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Thanks for the replies, and thanks to the moderator for fixing that mistake. I am gonna try Steve and see what happens. I don't have a trust issue so much as I wanted to make sure that the price was not out of line. I normally pay $150 to $175 for an overhaul. Adding a shutter curtain replacement for an additional $100 labor is probably as reasonable as I will find. $150 for a few strips of vulcanized material seems crazy, but what the hell else am I going to do?
$150 for shutter cloth? How much would the charge for the straps be?
And $150-175 for the service?

Leica repairs are truly expensive. The latest Leica I have (came in about April this year) cost only $150. It wasn't working right, but a few squirts of lubricant and lighter fluid in the right places restored it.

I have a junker IIIf now, with some missing parts. I plan to find some replacements and restore it. Did the same about 5 years ago to a 'scrap' IIIc, which now is a fine shooter.

I have some DIY shutter cloth here, similar to what I installed in the IIIc. This material is what I've been using for all the shutters in the Zorki and FED I fix. If you want, I can send you some, gratis. That is, if the service centre would use them.