Thank you all for your great contributions to the MSA for September/October.

The theme was "Movement" - and it was great to see all this different interpretations of the word. But it also made it difficult to compare and chose a winner - since the ideas behind the pictures are very different.

I very much liked the Tempest by Schlapp. It is an absurd picture and hard to figure out what it is - and there is a lot of movement.

The Beginning naeroscatu is another very original interpretation of the theme. Very nice graphic form.

Then Sly's "Can Yo..." is another excellent contribution, and a picture filled by emotions.

The winner is "The Mothers Movement push ahead!" by sandvann. It is a picture filled with humour - and also an excellent interpretation of the word "Movement".
You can see the picture here

Congratulations to Sandvann who will pick the theme for January/February.

Thanks again to all of you for great contributions!

Bertus who won the "Skyline" assignment Jun/Jul with this picture: will start a new thread and pick the theme for the November/December MSA.

Good luck with the next MSA!