I decided to bite on the 3342.

Following advice from another thread, I searched "Feisol" on Microsoft Live Search and found a link to Feisol tripods on Ebay along with a coupon for 25% off if I purchased a Buy It Now item and paid through PayPal. I had to register through Microsoft but I did get a credit to my PayPal account for about $77, but it takes 60 days to clear. Not bad.

I just got the tripod today. It came in the box, well packed, in the Feisol bag which is a nice touch. I was impressed that it is so light even though I was expecting that. It feels very solid. I mounted the Arca Swiss Z1 ball head and it seems like a perfect combo although the head is a bit heavy relative to the tripod. The tripod legs can swing 180 degrees upward so that the tripod head is protected during transport and it makes the tripod shorter for packing. The Arca head fits very well but when doing this the tips of the legs are splayed slightly and don't touch one another. The quick release knob on the Arca protrude slightly, but much less than if the head were exposed in the normal position.

I haven't used it yet with my camera, but I was impressed with the solid feel, even with the legs fully extended. It is pretty tall when fully extended such that I would take it down about 4 inches. The finish is very good. The knobs on the leg are very solid. They have rubber grips which might stretch or loosen with time but have a large surface area and the mechanism is solid. I have a small Gitzo tripod for 35 mm and I find those knobs annoying so these were a pleasant surprise.

I think I found the right tripod at a good price and good advice from Kerry. Thanks.