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... of the sequential dump and fill showed ... that this method was not as effective as a stream of continuously running water for washing film or paper.

The best wash is a stream of constantly flowing water which is kept up until the photomaterial tests free of hypo residue and silver halide using the appropriate tests ...
Interesting. Whenever PE writes, I listen, and now he has me thinking about the washer he must be using. I guess if I had a film or print washer I really trusted to flow fresh water across the surface, sure, I'd be all for the continuous flow model. But, in my little world, I have no trustworthy washer, and in that little world the fill and dump method is the rock solid dependable proceedure. I never have fully trusted the minimalist Ilford sequence, as stated, and have always washed using many more complete changes of water than Ilford's recommendations.

PE, what you write makes me wonder where one goes to know one's getting a really good washer. It seems every washer comes festooned with happy verbiage that proclaims it's "archival" credentials, but how many really get you there expeditiously? I suppose almost any washer would eventually bring fixation by-products down to some given level. How does one find a washer that is dependably efficient? With the high cost of what appear to be well made washers, I don't want to end up with a million dollar dog.