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I've been looking at the C220s and C330s, and for what I'm looking for, the price differential between the two doesn't really justify the C330. My understanding is that if one is a serious professional photographer, the C330 is the only way to go because it is faster to use. For my intentions, which would be landscape and family portraiture, I think that the C220 would be better. On eBay, at least, the C330s are going for considerably more than the C220s.

Whadderyall think?
I'm sure the C220 will do what you want fine. I used to do a lot of B&W photography for a group which was restoring a disused canal - they wanted photos for their magazine (in those days it was not in colour) plus 10 x 8's for display stands. The big negs made producing prints that size very easy plus there was no need to take a lens longer than the 80mm because the neg size allowed you to enlarge just part of it if you wanted.

As far as weight is concerned, doing this photography often involved tramping for miles and I never found it a problem. All I needed was camera body & WL finder, 80mm & 55mm lens sets, exposure meter and most important the Mamiya grip holder plus holdall & film. A lot less heavy than some 35mm SLR outfits. The lens sets apart from the telephotos each weigh less than 350g (just checked it with an old Mamiya brochure!)

For portraits the 80mm can cope but the 135mm tele is better.

At the end of the day any well made TLR is more robust than a MF SLR (no moving mirror etc) & is ideal for outdoor use.