I was in a club in MA that is doing some great sounding meetings on composition and lighting that I wish I could be there for. They used to put a lot of emphasis on competition, but also had interesting presentations as well as image study nights. I think they're putting a much bigger emphasis on shooting great shots now, not just for competition.
The club I joined here is not quite what I want, but I joined mostly because I hoped I would meet other photographers I could shoot with and who could introduce me to places to shoot. I've gotten some of that out of it, but I'm totally disappointed with how they do competitions and the lack of image study/critique. In the club in MA, they brought in outside judges who gave comments regarding how they arrived at the score. In the club here, club members do the judging and there's very little feedback on the scores. No one wants to say someone's shot sucks, so little is said. It's also very easy to know whose shot is whose. That's their excuse for not doing image study, but I'd bet I can pick out who shot which photo 75% of the time anyway.
I'd guess that about 10% - 15% of this club still shoots film, but they dropped slide competition this year (keeping prints and projected digital). The group in MA may have fewer film shooters, but still competes slides. The ones who give me a hard time about film are the ones who are diehard gearheads anyway and they aren't that bad.