FWIW, I have a C220 with 2 lenses (65 and 180), and find that I can comfortably hike with that outfit + a 3021 tripod for most of the day, even in Colorado or Utah where the elevation is 5000+ ft higher than my normal altitude. The only downsides I've run into are that it's not the fastest thing to focus, and when doing extreme closeups you have to remember both to correct for the parallax, and to make sure the camera is centered over the axis you'll move it to correct (obvious, but I have a few fuzzy closeups from forgetting where the taking and viewing lens nodal points were). there are bright lines in the standard viewfinder that you can use to guess.

Also not mentioned is that while they natively prevent you from doing double exposures, there's a switch on the side to allow the shutter to be cocked without moving the film, just in case you actually want a multiple exposure.

Personally, I like mine a lot, but I had had a TLR in HS and college, so it was a more capable version of a camera style that I'd already had a few years of experience with. Try to rent/borrow one, and see if it fits your style of shooting before making too big of a committment.