I was there, and I looked for you Dennis, without success.

I picked up a stack loader for my Kodak slide projector ($10.00) and a working Gralab 300 timer ($15.00).

What fascinated me was a box of old Agfa photographic paper. Of particular interest to me were the price tags on some of it - they were Rushant Camera price tags. Rushant Cameras did business near UBC for decades - probably at least 50 years.

I worked for Rushant Cameras in the 1970s when I attended UBC. I purchased my Mamiya C330 from them while I worked there, and I still have it, and use it.

Oh, and there is a tiny chance that I might even have originally sold that paper I saw on the weekend, because the price tag, for 10 8x10 sheets in an unopened package was $1.90!!!

I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick up at least one package, for the sake of history.