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Resolution is really a characteristic of the film. "Fine grain" developers work by diffusing the grain edges, to make the individual grains less noticeable... a "fine grain EFFECT" at the cost of acutance, or "sharpness".

In the end, whether of not a film-developer combination is ACCEPTABLE - or preferable - is an aesthetic decision - up to the photographer - along with many others.
Maximum resolution is a characteristic of the film. It can, however, change with the developer. In my tests for the article "Salt to Taste" for Photo Techniques, I don't remember the issue, I compared the same film in D-23, D-23 with added sodium chloride, Rodinal with and without added NaCl and with added sodium ascorbate and found differences in resolution that were readily apparent, even though I did not measure them in lines/mm. The most satisfactory to my eyes of the ones I tested was the Rodinal 1+50 + 4 g/l sodium ascorbate.

I agree that it's the photographer's choice, but I think it should be an informed choice. I think also that the same film-developer combination will not be suitable for all purposes.