Another alternative to Ansco 130 is PPPD - it's a Pyro developer for paper.

750 ml water

30 grams sodium sulfite

.34 grams of phenidone A in 20 ml of 91 % alcohol heated to appr 125 degrees to dissolve

10 grams catechol

10 grams pyrogallol

40 grams of sodium carbonate

3 1/2 grams of potassium bromide

5 grams of citric acid

water to make 1 liter

(add chemicals in order specified and make sure that each is fully dissolved before adding the subsequent chemical.)

over two hours and it was still active (emergence times still at 25 seconds after two hours) and it did not stain the paper. Still delivers a good dmax. Increasing the pyrogallol sets the blacks better.

This should give improved performance over the MAS Amidol for enlarging paper at a sizeable savings.