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I want to start taking pictures in bromooil process...
Can i use a bleach from Sepia Toner Foma ? or must do it myself ?
Paper... i want use a foma baryt ( karton).
Somebody can help me with this ?
To made prints I use Tetenal Eukobrom developer and Tetenal Superfix Plus Fixer.
that won't do!
you have to use a special bromoil bleach, and be sure to use fix without hardener, when you make your first print!
Superfix is a nono!
(but TETENAL makes a fix called "Variofix" (which is a powder), and it works well for me.

Gene IS the man to talk to here, as I have never had success in using "normal" papers for bromoil.

I use Liquid emulsion, and here the bleach is slightly different than the one Gene uses.

look here for inspiration and so on.. http://home.earthlink.net/~trans40/hopperlist/