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I use the Ilford wash method, modified on three counts.
First, after the first wash, I give the film two minutes in a
hypo clearing agent. I know you don't need to do this for
film, but it can't hurt. Then I do agitation cycle, except
I usually agitate more (20, 25, 30 instead of 5, 10, 15),
and I let it sit for a 30 seconds or a minute after each
agitation cycle. During this period I start cleaning up
the bathroom a bit (wash funnels, etc.) Seems to
work so far (knock on wood).
At least you do not run the water for 5, 10, or more
minutes. A running water wash, film, RC, or FB, is a
Most Inefficient use of water.

The Ilford method, fill & dump, is very efficient and
comes with a considerable amount of agitation; 5, 10,
and 20 inversions. In effect the time of each soak/wash
is increased with each change of water.

The first wash is short, removing primarily surface
fixer. Five spaced inversions should be plenty. The
second and third washes, IMO, should be more soak
and certainly no more in agitations; the 10 and 20.
Spacing those 10 and 20 I believe to be a good
idea. Since the method uses so little water
there is no reason to use it other than
at Room temperature. Dan