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Is anyone out there able to give me an easy to understand explanation of this 'bellows extension compensation' that I have been hearing about. Just bought my first 4x5 camera (Zone VI) with a 210mm and 80mm lens. I haven't taken any photos yet, but like to be prepared for when I do.
Have you seen the "Bellows Correction with Bacon" video yet?

To sum it up, think of it this way. In a macro situation, you are radically changing the focal plane of the lens, such that you end up firing a good deal of the light gathered by the lens into the bellows, rather than onto the focal plane.

With a view camera it can be done fairly easy with some simple tools. You just need an object of known size, then measure the size that that object apears to be on the ground glass. From those two measurments you can calculate out how many stops to open up. If you want, we could get into the specifics of the math.


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