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Dan; I say again! This dilute fixer must maintain
the silver complex solubility during the early stages
of washing. PE
Although the fixers I use are very dilute they are not so
dilute as the fixers retained by a print or film which has
had a post-fix rinse-hca treatment. That is, at the earliest
stage of washing the retained fixer is less when the usual
post-fix procedures are employed.

A post fix in wash precipitation of silver halide I'd think
more a worry with the usual processing procedure. Few
I believe move prints directly from fixer to wash. I'm one
of the few. That is due to the one-shot nature of a very
dilute fix; one or a few at same time processed. The
fixer once used goes down the drain. Any home
brew or off the shelf fixer will do.

I don't worry about post-fix silver halide precipitation.
I've tested with fixers so dilute as to not clear, film
and paper. With correct amounts I've not noticed
any problems. Zero stains using Kodak's and
Ilford's formula HT-2 and the ST-1 test. Dan