I got my Nicca 3S and close focusing f2 50mm Nikkor back from Mark Hama a few weeks ago and am working on my second roll of HP 5. Mark's CLA is superb and the craftmanship on the camera is great . . . an extremely well made machine!

My question is how long does it generally take for the love affair to begin? For one who is use to focusing with a SLR, the rangefinder seems a little more difficult to use and I find myself using the depth of field scale, shooting at f16 and not messing with focusing for many situations.

My 35mm SLR cameras are Olympus OM single digit series. They are somewhat larger than the Nicca, however not much, if any, heavier. So, it is back to my original question about how long it takes for the love affair to begin? What has those who use rangefinder 35mm cameras select them rather than SLRs?

Please don't get the tar too hot. Bill Barber