I think the post about "love it or hate it" definately applies. I shot for 20+ years before buying my first RF, a Minolta 7sII. I loved the small, compact almost invisible camera compared to the Nikon F4e and Minolta XK Motor I was shooting with at the time.

I waited two years before buying my first Leica. Hemmed and hawed - really afraid I was making a mistake, and an expensive one at that.

It was no mistake, however. When the M3 and Summicron DR 50mm, f/2 arrived from a friend, I loaded it with Velvia and went for a stroll down Route 66. These days I don't leave the house without a RF and almost never use my SLRs. It is indeed a style thing - my preferred style of shooting works better with the RF. If you walk into a room carrying an SLR w/ motor drive and a big hunk of big-aperature lens on it (like the Noct), it doesn't matter if you're shooting flash or not, you're not going to get the same relaxed shots you'll get with a small unobtrusive RF. Even a smaller SLR, like the FM doesn't shoot like an RF - perhaps its the way a RF doesn't cover your whole face while you're shooting... dunno, but it's different.

Gentlemen, since he's at least tried RF before rejecting it, what say we set the tar at only mildly scalding?