Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not been replying much, bit of family stuff going on (and I wasn't looking at my exchanges in order of deadlines so started all the other ones before this one, oops!) so there is a little bit of a delay here. I have recieved Martin's cyanotypes and they are gorgeous I liked the negatives on the back, it's an interesting concept to prove limited edition (and I'm happy I got the boobs! )

I also received Rich's lith prints. Are they both lith prints? I like the high contrast pure b&w one more than the coloury one... Almost all the lith prints I see in the gallery have that touch of various colours to it and I'm wondering if you know of any modern ones that will print B&W like the kodakgraph(?) non-existent lightweight paper you sent? It is very pretty on my lightbox too.

I'm somewhat toying with a negative to print right now so hopefully/maybe by the end of the week I'll have sent mine out finally. Sorry for the delay.