In theory, you could get 9x12 film, find some old filmpack parts, and assemble them. However, I think you might find that lots of film gets destroyed in the process. Perhaps just some 9x12 film holders, and use your Bergheil one sheet of film at a time?

I also have a 9x12 Bergheil. When I got it there was a glass plate holder (I think) and an adapter to use 4x5 film. I don't know if the 4x5 film holder adapter was a common accessory, but you might try finding one of those, because it will fit modern 4x5 holders and film.

You can see many more images of my Bergheil at and see the adapter. I included the Shen-Hao as a comparison in size, because the Bergheil is really small compared to a modern 4x5.


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