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Here's an old Photo.net thread on adapters for the camera. I believe the adapter you need is designated as an "M" adapter for the Mamiya Press camera. A company named Four Designs sold these years ago and allowed 6x7 and I think, 6x9 Mamiya backs to fit the Polaroid 600SE. Probably hard to find now, but I picked one up from KEH many years ago so you might try there. Midwest Photo Exchange might be another place to check.

There's a slightly different model than the one I have currently on ebay. Mine is a horizontal format and the mounting tabs have a slot that mates with the 600 SE. Based on the Photo.net thread, you would need to make a slot in these tabs to use this style adapter. (Perhaps all Four Designs did was machine a slot in standard holders available at the time.)

The mamiya film backs are VERY easy to find. So are the lenses. The only probablem you run into with the backs is that most of them are missing the masks for 6x6 and 6x4.5. The 6x7 and 6x9 backs came with masks for 6x6 and 6x4.5 and then you shot them using the ruby windows. Its a non issue if you just shoot them in 6x7 or 6x9, whichever the back is designed to be used for. The other problem is many of the backs are missing their dark slide. I've been making darkslides for my own backs. I use .007" shim stock and cut it to size. I would be happy to crank out a few for anyone that needs one.

The 600SE is really nothing more than a Mamiya Super 23. This is a good thing! The mamiya press camera lenses and accessories work on them! So what you have is a polaroid camera, that also makes a pretty decent medium format range finder!