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Water restrictions ... I want to reduce the amount of H2O
I use as much as possible.
How do you wash your prints and films to use the least
amount of water possible?
After the fixer is out of the tank 500ml of wash water is
poured in and the first of Ilford's three wash sequence is
under way. No quick 5 inversions; they are spaced out to
allow for a more efficient use of the wash water. Same
goes for the following 10 and 20 inversion 2nd and
3rd washes. Actually I don't rush the washes at
all. Some little clean up and putting away is
also attended to while the film is washing.

Total wash water, 1500ml. To that I add another 500ml
for a PhotoFlo soak.

I could reduce my wash water TOTAL to 500ml by use
of the COUNTER CURRENT technique. By that technique
only the last wash is fresh water. That last wash becomes
the second to last with the next film to be washed. The
second to last wash water becomes the third to last
and so on. The first wash water is discarded. Likely
I'd use four washes as all but the last wash have
seen some use.

Now if one is really, really serious about skimping
on water, combine the counter current technique with
ROTARY TANK washing. Rotary tanks use perhaps 1/2 the
water. Likely a 5th wash a good idea. So, one could use as
little as 1 cup or 250ml of water to wash one 120 roll. Dan