Yesterday afternoon (Sunday, November 2, 2008) I was at the Royal Ontario Museum on Bloor Street in Toronto. (I was in town for a conference and had a day to myself before I came home to Regina.)

While I was there exploring the gift shop I saw someone carrying around a Nikon F. I hadn't seen one in the wild for years!

I said "Nice camera!" and we had a nice, brief conversation about classic cameras. He showed me the bottom of the camera and he had paid a whopping $14.99 for it at Value Village.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to see it. I wish I'd been carrying my F3. (To be honest I left all my camera gear at home - it tends to be a very busy week and I knew I wouldn't be in the mindset or have much spare time for photography.)

On the off chance that the F owner reads this, say hello.
Hi Jim, I was the guy carrying the Nikon F at the ROM on Sun Nov 2nd. You know, when you told me you have the same passion I was thinking what are the chances that you may be a member of PN-classic camera where I post most of my findings or APUG. I'm glad to read your post. The thing is I bought the camera a day before we met so I was very anxious to take it out for a spin, still surprised it had no serious issues. I cleaned up the mirror and the prism, replaced the mirror bumper (melted) and that was about all it needed. Even more interesting is that camera came with a 24mm AI lens (unknown brand, very strange name that I don't remember now - I'm at work) in perfect working order. I have not developed the film yet but I promise to keep you posted. Cheers