Being a designer by day, I'm putting together a proposal for designing and building a website for my cousin, who's a fine woodworker, former wooden boat builder, and general cabinetry expert. I was thinking, since he's my cousin, of asking if he wants to do a barter, graphic design for a wood project instead of $$.

If you were me, what kind of camera would you want him to build? I'm a pinhole freak, love alt processes, and have always wanted to get into large format, or plates, or... well, my ambitions are endless.

I was thinking of having him build me either a 4x5 or 8x10 pinhole (with a way to interchange the holes/zone plates etc, perhaps) for film and/or paper. OR a proper 8x10 film camera for which I'd somehow find him a lens, bellows and film holder.

What would you ask for? Anyone know any cool plans I could download? Anyone have experiences to share building any of these types of things? Good sources for the bits needed for the 8x10 idea?

Fun fun fun!

(aka cordelia)